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    SINGERS WANTED  The Chicago Metro Barbershop Chorus is a singing organization for men, so before you are invited to join us, we need to know - can you sing? We have singers at many levels of talent, but everyone must know basically how to sing. Can you sing without accompaniment, hold a note for a few seconds, sing a scale, and match a pitch?
     WHEN DO YOU START SINGING?  Interested visitors are welcome to sit in with us any Wednesday night. You will get a guest book that contains all of our current music. Unless you have prior Barbershop experience or are sure of which part you want to sing, we recommend you begin with the Lead section (melody).
     SCHEDULING YOUR TRYOUT  Very few singers fail their tryout. So if you are really interested in singing with the Chicago Metro Chorus after one or two visits, we will schedule an easy voice evaluation for you.This will provide our director with the information needed to grade your singing skills and to help place you in the best voice section for starters.
  • The Bass is the foundation of the Barbershop chord.  It requires vocal strength and range to hit the lower notes.
  • The Baritone is middle range and mostly harmony notes. It is considered the most difficult and important part to a 4 part Barbershop chord.
  • The Lead is also a middle range part which provides the melody. Many singers begin as leads but later move to another section more suitable to their voice and range.
  • The Tenor is the highest voice and completes the classic 4 part harmony of a Barbershop song. Most tenors sing in a falsetto voice and must have a good ear to keep the pitch in tune.
     JOINING THE CHICAGO METRO CHORUS  After you’ve passed your tryout, you are eligible to join when you’re ready. At your request, you’ll receive the forms needed to apply for membership. Welcome!


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